The Legal framework for Golden Visa residence permit seems to be/proves to be/ one of the most favorable and economical of the EU offering an excellent opportunity to foreigners, non-EU persons and third-country nationals to emigrate to Europe.

Buying a property of  € 250.000 minimum sale price ( applying individually or as a group) entitles you to the right of residence in our country and therefore in EU countries -due to a single Schengen visa- (this is a European visa) .

ESTATE4REAL can direct you professionally and adequately to the appropriate property selection according to your requirements and help you through the processes that are necessary to complete the purchase. Additionally, we undertake to guide you through every step of the way while issuing the Golden Visa to complete the process in the easiest and shortest way. Upon completion of your real estate property acquisition/business investment, our legal associates will undertake all necessary steps to issue your residence permit, with clarity, integrity and speed. All you need to do is pay a visit to Greece and delegate our office to represent you (You have to do nothing more than a short visit to Greece and rely on us for everything else for you.

Our professional team prepares a customized product, adjusted to your needs, and guarantees the completion of your investment and issuance of the GOLDEN VISA GREECE.

Please refer to the following guide for your residence permit. You can download the summary guide for residence permits for property owners in Greece that has been edited by Enterprise Greece in Greek, English, Chinese, Russian and Arabic.


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