Real Estate Services include the sale and lease of different types of properties.
Real estate services to property owners include the recording of all data on the property, the complete identity of the property, collection of the necessary information relating to legal documents (contracts, etc.), plans and service approvals, possibility of exploitation (land uses, building and coverage factor etc.), Energy Performance Certificate where required, general assessment of the condition of the property. After the completion of the collection of all necessary information, visibility of the property on the website of the real estate agency and its promotion through a channel of specialized in property management websites is ensured. The agency also provides selection of the appropriate interested buyer or tenant, negotiation of the terms of the sale or lease of the property and consulting services during the drafting of the sales or lease contracts.

Brokerage services to buyers / tenants of real estate include the recording of needs of the interested party for purchase or rent, search of the corresponding property in the office’s database and research in the market, choice of more than one property that meets the criteria which have been set by drafting a detailed description of them, negotiation with the owners of the property, provision of consulting services during the audit (legal, technical, economic, etc.) and the signing of contracts for the purchase or lease agreement of property.